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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How Long To Install A SlickLift?
    First-time installation should only take about 4 hours. You will need some help to lift the unit into your truck. If you are not very handy or unsure of your skill level, you could have any job shop install your lift. Be sure to follow the directions and tighten all nuts and bolts.

  • Do I Need To Remove My Tailgate?
    Our answer is "Yes". However, we have dealers that are offering to keep it, but this is mainly with the short box model of the SlickLift ATV Deck. We recommend, if you choose to do this, that you install a dead man switch at your tailgate, so the lift can't operate unless the tailgate is down. With the Hook 'N Haul and the Hawg Hauler, you must remove your tail gate.

  • Can I Remove My SlickLift?
    Yes, the SlickLift is installed with four Grade-8 bolts with backer plates for removal. However, once you've been spoiled with the ease of ground level loading, why would you want to remove your Slicky.

  • How Much Weight Can I Haul On My SlickLift?
    We got the Monster!!! The one that out lift's...Out performs all our copy cat want to be's if its a hydraulic lift for a pickup if its not a slicklift its a pirated patent infringement on the slicklift do you want to do business with people like that ? The Slicklift Switchblade Has 4000 pounds of lifting force that's a ton more than anything on the market. Please always be sure that your truck is capable of the pay load it will haul.

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